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Need Help adding Photo's and Understanding how to add Pics


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Mar 18, 2012
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caloundra, Australia
New Ipad 3 (OS 5.1) and a Complete Newbie with pads etc
Ok Have a Mac book pro , Itunes etc - However I don't use iphoto (never liked it) and don't have a ICloud account (and don't want one) all I want to learn to do is How to Add photo's to my Ipad - But keeping them Organised as they are on my Computer (I use a few Adobe Photo programs) and everything is How i want to keep it -
As I understand in Itunes I have to make 1 folder put every photo folder in That I want on the Ipad then Sync - (But i don't want to move any Photo's on my computer)
and I don't want to Copy all the Photo's across (selecting Picture folder) as have over 70GB of photos.
I just want to select a Few certain Folders and send to Ipad then maybe remove 1 folder or add one as time go's By (all the same time keeping them Organised in there Folders or Albums)

I know I can Copy all the Photos I want and Put in a Separate folder and Sync (but I don't have enough Spare space on my Laptop and don't like to keep Copies on the same Machine)

Sorry for this I have read the Manual and googled searched the Forum - Maybe I am missing something or Don't understand
So any Suggestions or ideas even free Apps or programs that might help would be Much appriciated
Thanks In Advance

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