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Need a little help


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Mar 1, 2012
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Merritt Island FL USA
I just did the Jailbreak (first time for me) on my iPad. It is an iPad 1, and is running 5.1. From what I understand I have a tethered jailbreak. That is not a problem for me (now) as the iPad is wall mounted and only used to control my home, so I never reboot it.

I have the Cydia icon ( a gray icon with some internal shading) when I touch it the screen reacts briefly, sort of flashes but nothing happens.

If I try Safari it opens for a fraction of a second and then quits and returns to the springboard.

All the other apps which I have installed seem to be fine.

My apps semm to work

I really could use some assistance TIA,

Sounds like you have not booted tethered which you must do every time the iPad is started. Use redsn0w > extras > just boot.
I have done that now about 10 times. I am not absolutely sure what is happening. I go through all the steps to get into DFU and that seems to work but I am not sure. I get a change in the redsnow dialog in that it tells me it is trying to identify the firmware in the iPad. The bottom progress bar seems to completely fill in but the dialog never closes.

When I start (powered off and connected) I get an apple pretty quickly while just pressing the power button. I then press home and release power after about 10 seconds. After about 10 seconds of just home being pressed the redsnow dialog changes to "...build is being identified' with another line that says Exploiting with limerain.

Can I just redo the entire jailbreak process or do I have to put my self back in the apple jail (retsore) first.

When the identifying firmware dialog shows I am still holding the home button pressed as I have not yet counted down to 15. Is that correct?
I guess the twelfth try was a charm This time it appears to have worked properly as the identifying build went very fast and a lot of different messages showed up and eventually I saw the pineapple. When the boot was over Cydia was at least a normal icon and touching it now works.

That entry to DFU mode is very tricky but I now know what it is like when it succeeds

It finally properly did a tethered boot and cydia is fine now. The whole purpose of jailbreaking my iPad (I have 5 to do) was so I could run ScreenDimmer. I go to buy it and it tells me it is not able to run on IOS 5.1, although it says compatible woth IOS 5. I gusess IOS 5 does not include 5.1. I sent an email to the author. I am done for now and think I know what I am doing. I will be much happier when there is an untethered version for 5.1 on ipad 1, but I can wait. I'll hold off on the other 4 iPads. To me it is a bummer because I really need/want the screenDimmer Tweak.
I was on 5.0.1 till yesterday. I guess in hindsight I should have stayed there!

Thanks for the help and advice.

Question: When the tethered boot process is running can the home button be released when the identifying firmware screen appears or does it have to keep being held down. I think my iPad is running faster than the timing accounts for but I will get used to it
It usually takes a short while for developers to update their packages for the latest version of IOS.

You can let go of the button after about 15 seconds. As soon as redsn0w moves on from putting the device in DFU mode you are good to let go...

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