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Native Backgrounder vs Cydia Backgrounder + multifl0w


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Jan 2, 2011
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Curious to know how these stack up against each other...
Pros and Cons of each, and which might be a better choice

I know that the native 4.2.1 backgrounding isnt true mutitasking, but then again, doesn't this keep the iPad running faster if all of its resources aren't strained by running multiple apps at once?

Does Backgrounder+multifl0w allow for the user to decide what apps are backgrounded? I rarely need more than one active app, so when I check my processes bar and find that everything is backgrounded, then I have to run RemoveBG to get my RAM back.. Will the cydia replacements, if configured correctly, allow all apps to NOT background automatically, and let me choose if I want to enable that process at will?



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May 3, 2010
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Yeah.it's called backgrounder.you can choose which ones you always want to stay open.if you're on an app that isn't auto,just hold down the home button and it will background.the same conversely for an auto background app.use sbs settings to free ram. Thanks for mentioning removebg, i was looking for something like that.

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