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Native apps-iPod and Video-"auto starting"


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Jul 24, 2010
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I've noticed a curious "problem" and I'm not sure if it's always been there only started since jail breaking. Whenever I respiring or reboot the device the iPod and video apps are running in the background...just like mail. It also seems that these two apps randomly "autostart". I do not start them and exit and they stay running, that I would understand. They just start automatically and I'd like to turn tha behavior off if possible. I use SBSettings and that's how vie noticed they are running-when looking at the processes.

Much thanks,

Thanks but I undersrand the Apple apps CAN run in the background but the only ones I thought auto started were "mail" and "phone" (in the case of an iPhone). When I first got the iPad the ONLY app that auto started was "mail" no other Apple app started upon a respiring or reboot. Now the iPad is jail broken and I do install many Cydia apps. I' just wondering which may have caused this behavior.

I AM running the latest vision of "backgrounder" with the default options for: mail, safari, iPod and videos.

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