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My Vids Play On Facebook!!


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Jun 10, 2010
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Yest And b4 I would click on my vids or other vids and it would say play in a device that supports flash, or sometin like that.

Today I clicked on my vid and the screen went black, I thought the iPad was gonna freeze then the vid restarted in full screen and it looks like it's QuickTime that is running it..

Wow, this is cool, not quite flash but at least vids play, hopefully they will do this with all sites where vids need flash to play..
I should update this, only one vid of mine plays on facebook perhaps becuz I transferred it to mpeg 4 to make smaller, when I posted it.. So thats why it opens up with quicktime.. My other vids dont play and it says that I need a computer that can do flash..

got my hopes up, i thought they found a work around with flash..oh well
Yup apples video player is version of QuickTime. That's why we have to encode everything.
Personally never care if flash disappears to infinity and beyond. It's a compromise between utility and expense I can live with.

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