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My Steampunk iPad Charger


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May 21, 2010
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Sacramento, CA
The Portable Electrick Storage Device - Mark I
(AKA steampunk iPad charger)

More pics on my blog:
robotguy.net/Blog Portable Electrick Storage Device – Mark I

Saw a steam punk Mac six months ago. Would love to have one but the work involved....
Thanks for the kind words!

I have added a bit to the blog post including the schematic for wiring it up and some build pics.

I am adding a "working" steam power plant to it, and posting the build log over at the steampunk forum on BrassGoggles:
Mark I Portable Electrick Storage Device
Very retro look for the power source.
Nobody will ever know what's inside :)

Great job....especially on the 3 USB ports !
I like it!

I think it needs a pressure gauge (aka analog voltage gauge) :D

Kinda like this:

That is really sweet, you should build them and sell them, how much ya want ;-) lol ill be the first customer

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