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My review of the caseen SKINNY Genuine Leather Stand Hand Strap Case (Designo Series)

Skull One

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Mar 7, 2012
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Well I have had a full week to use this incredible case. But before I get to the review, I first want to thank caseenBrandon for running the http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-acce...3rd-gen-case-lineup-free-case-giveaway-4.html and allowing me to pick the purple version of the case as my prize. That was very generous and I really appreciated it. So now lets get to the review!

The first thing I noticed about this case was the stitching and color. The purple is perfect and the color is consistent across all the materials. The stitching is one continuous stitch thru every section. There are no frayed edges and no lose threads. It looks perfect. Even though black and brown are considered "business" colors, I would very easily take this into a business meeting with no hesitation because of how professional the case looks.

Weight. This is, of course, very subjective. Some people want things as light as possible. Personally I want my device to feel like I am holding something solid. This case is the perfect weight for that feeling. I have held it for over an hour without any strain. And when you use the hand strap the iPad rests so comfortable that taking notes with the included stylus is a breeze. Oh yes the stylus. Love it and I am so grateful they included one. I had never used a stylus on an iPad. It make a huge difference for certain apps. I am even using it for a few games because it is more comfortable to play that way when I am using the hand strap.

Protection is something I don't think I will ever have to worry about again. Prior to this case I was very careful where I laid my iPad around my house. Now I lay it where ever I want or need. This weekend I found out how much I love the different angles I can have the case hold my iPad. Had the iPad in landscape mode with the case set in the 10 degree position and I was able to browse thru the iPadFourm very comfortable while at my dinning room table. Can't ask for much more out of a case.

I have had no issues with the case when it comes to dragging apps to the edge of the display or using both the standard and split keyboard screen modes. And the added feature for the auto on/off when you close the case cover is flawless. In fact the only thing I had an issue with lasted only a few minutes because I didn't set the iPad into the protection area properly and the the inner velcro wasn't set tight enough. Once I figured out I could tighten that up, everything fit like a glove.

Again, thank you caseenBrandon for this incredible case!

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