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my personal iPad 2 week review


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Apr 9, 2010
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So it's been 2 weeks since the iPad was released to the public. What are your thoughts so far? Is the iPad everything you expected it to be, more, less?

I'd love to hear what your personal opinions are so far! Here's what I have to say in my 2 week review

Apple iPad Week 2 Review
After two weeks of ownership my review is this. I would buy it again in a heart beat, zero buyers remorse. That is the best compliment I can give.....
I love love love mine, it's exactly what I expected it to be

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Is just what I need and works for me. In fact my MacBook Pro act like my desktop now for downloading and stuff. I hardly use my iPhone now when I'm back at my apartment. I am constantly on my iPad while watching news and also my eye sight is back to normal since I stop looking at my iPhone little screen. iPad is the greatest since the toaster. Good job Steve. I may seem like a fan of Apple but I also use Windows with my MBP. Maybe 20% Windows and 80% Apple Products. What can I say, Apple Products just works.:D
i love it ..but i do have one thing in the back of my head about the updates on the software.. for i do not really care if it updates as longs as the programs are running as need ..
iPad: Beatweek's hands-on two week review. April 19, 2010. Now that I had the iPad for two .... The iPad is my personal and portable entertainment system. ...
I got a 3G iPad on day one. I have been a desktop Mac user for a long time. I have never owned a laptop.

I have to say that I am not a huge fan of it like some of you are. It all comes down to individual use. I can understand why for a lot of people this thing is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I thought that my iPad would be more a household device than a mobile device. But it has turned out to be the opposite. When I am home, I just use my iMac instead. But I take it with me when I am out and about. I think I may sell it and get a Macbook Air instead.

Also, the web browsing experience isn't as slick as I thought it would be.
The mail app doesn't do it for me either. I have six email addresses that I keep track of. There is too much bouncing around, back and forth. I just get fed up with it and go use my iMac.

I am glad you all like it though, and I can see why you do. It is a cool gadget!

My four year old loves the photo app! And I do to.

I haven't used my computer since I got the iPad. I do like MMOs, and I'll go back to it for that, but for everything else I use the iPad. I never have liked note- or net books, tried them twice, sold them. But my iPad is rarely out of my hand if I'm awake and home :) I would buy another tomorrow if something happened to this one, and for me that $830 was a lot of money and not something I spend lightly.
I've only lightly used my PC since I got an iPad. Wonderful device. When the camera connectivity kit comes to Canada I'll use my PC even less.
Not bad

I imagined being able to watch bad tv and surf the web with the iPad.
-easy to navigate with touch screen and scrolling.
-can easily zoom in with fingers
-lighter than a laptop
-no heat on the lap while surfing like on a laptop
-fun and easy apps
- no boot time like a laptop, you are instantly on the web

-no flash support hard to believe. So many pages use flash. I was watching golf and saw an ad for Titlelist golf balls. I went to titlist.com and found a ball fitting option. You could put in your ball flight etc. and Titlelist will tell you the best ball to play. Only works with flash. What a bummer.
-no arrows for navigation. I know there are a lot of more dextrous fingers than mine to overcome this. I have a blog with small twit boxes which arrow keys would be a great help. Why not have arrow keys?
-more iPad (not iPhone) apps would be nice

Overall, my company paid half of my IPad cost. For $250 it is worth it, if I had to pay full price myself, it would not be worth it.
The Ipad is a revolutionary product... I think a 100 yrs from now, our history books will compare what the Ipad provided to technology now to what The Cotton Gin provide in the 19th century... now if I could only use Macros for Numbers that would make my Ipad complete...

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