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my impression of Griffin Survivor case....


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Apr 2, 2012
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Chattanooga, TN
After purchasing my ip3 saturday, sunday I picked up the Griffen Survivor case thinking I would need something good and strong to protect my investment and I am at the softball fields where I do the stats for my daughters travel team. This is only my thoughts.

Pros: The case is a beast! it is well built and strong. It took a little bit of time to get the inner case, the plastic part to snap together but once it did, as they say here in the hills of Tennessee; "It aint comming apart!" The outer case is a thick rubber that provides a good cushion for the drops. I even semi tested it and dropped on the counter from a couple of feet and the sucker bounced once and the ipad fired right up.

Cons: It is very bulky and heavy. The screen protector appears to have an anti glar sheen to it although I can not find it mentioned on their website. it does cut the sharpness of the IP3, IMO. The protector doesn't lie flat against the ip3 screen so in spots you have to push it down to get to the screen. The stand that comes with it is not much to mention. Unless you are on a flat surface it doesn't work.

Final: Great case if you are doing things were drops or falls can happen, or you have children/grand kids this case will protect your ipad!!! If you're like me and like the extra graphics and really don't need the bulk then this case may not be for you.

I am going to return this case and find a better solution that would better suit my needs.

Thanks for reading.

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