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My first apple gadget!


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Jun 9, 2010
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Hi everybody, here is a win & ubuntu user that just bought his first Apple gadget and it's loving it!
Btw, you can't post with atomic browser, i had to open safari!

The message box appears greyed out for some reason..
Welcome. I too am a Win and sometime Ubuntu (or other Linux) user. My iPhone was my first Apple gadget. Obviously I've been assimilated. Enjoy the club.

Wish I could help you with atomic browser, but I don't have it. After scanning the help files, if any, you might want to ask the developer or request vBulletin support as a future feature.
You can post in Atomic. I was using it exclusively until I switched to Perfect. I use the reply box just as I do in Safari and it works fine. I have both browsers set to Safari for Ipad, so that may be the difference.

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