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Feb 16, 2012
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Hi new to the board recently purchased my ipad2,my problem is that my laptops goosed and doesn't have any music or films on it anyway,is there any other way to load my CDs and DVDs on the iPad as I don't have any music or films in iTunes it will cost me a small fortune to download it all through
iTunes as I already have a large collection in cd DVD form,I bought a external hard drive to do this but can't find a adapter to fit,also I find the picture quality on the camera terrible,no good for uploading pictures to eBay any help would be appreciated.


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi Kly...

I am trying to think out of the box. Without having a laptop, the only other suggestion is to borrow somebody else's and try to store on the cloud or even in a dropbox type app. Another problem is that if you use itunes on somebody else's laptop, your ipad will recognize that as being the one it communicates to. I have not stored music in dropbox, so best to see if it supports it. There is no way to physically conect your external HD directly to your ipad. Sorry, I could be wrong on this-and perhaps other members could assist with this.

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