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Music not appearing in iPod app in ipad


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Jul 24, 2010
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Scotland, uk
Hi, for some reason my iTunes syncs with my iPad, shows the space and lists the music under my iPad. When I got to the iPod app on my iPad the library is empty. I have tried saying not to sync music to empty my music from the iPad and then resync, no joy. Also reinstalled the latest iTunes 9.2 something and restarted the app many times. It took me awhile to activate my iPad today as I could not get onto iTunes store. My ISP is pipex which might have a problem with the latest iTunes version, but the iTunes stored seemed to be restored ok although I am unable to download the latest update for my iPad as iTunes tells me it can't contact the iPhone servers. Probably not related, but I mention this as I tried to do a restored on my iPad as I heard this helps, but it would not allow it.

Any suggestions please as I am stumped. I think it is to do with the latest version of iTunes and I could possibly just wait for the next update, but it is weird that iTunes says the files are on the iPad, but my iPod app library is empty.

Thanks for any help, mori
I have since found out this is because I use the same iTunes with my iPod. I set the iPad to manually manage my music and videos, erased and dragged the files. Although the music is now listed not all the music plays, it just goes to a black screen and I need to use the home button to go out and back in. Also I used a video convertor that says it converted it to iPad file type mpeg4, but it says it is not supported! iTunes tells me it is the correct format when I try and create a iPod or iPad version. Apple can be so picky sometimes, vlc plays everything!

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