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Music App and Random Play


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May 1, 2012
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This can't be this difficult...

I like to listen to music using the default iPad Music app and normally listen in random play mode. That is random across all songs, artists, or albums loaded on my iPad. But occassionally I like to listen to single album, and then select a specific album to play. Fine so far. But after the single album play mode, getting back to random play across all my music is just a nightmare. What happens it just keeps playing in song order the current album selected.

I have gotten it to work again eventually, but by that time I don't recall the steps because it was trial and error, hit or miss, etc. Can anybody specifically describe how to get back to my random play mode across all songs?

(BUMP) Music App and Random Play

Sorry to bump this, but received no response first time.

This is really frustrating. The default Music app does everything I need it to do but getting it to work in random play mode over all songs, artists, albums is still a mystery to me. You would think just selecting the 'random' play icon would do it. But it seems to be endless frustration for me. To re-iterate the issue, I sometimes listen strictly in non-random play to a newly added album. After that, I then wish to go back to random play over my entire collection. Eventually after much trial-and-error, it does start to play in random mode but by then I haven't a clue as to what I did to pursuade it to so. Anybody know the specific steps to control this beast?

Or if anyone has a suggestion for a good music player other than the default Music app (that plays in random mode), I would consider that option. I can't believe Apple made this app so difficult to use in this respect.
Open Music.


Play a song.

AFter it starts playing, click on that icon to the right fo the time line. That sets up shuffle play.


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Holy smokes! I just now realized that I have been interpreting the 'color' of the 'shuffle' icon incorrectly. On my iPad-3, I was interpreting it as being selected when it is 'white'. Now I see that when shuffle (random play) is selected as 'on', it is 'black'. Good grief. My bad I guess. Thanks.

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