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Moving movies from iPhone to the iPad, the easy way


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Jan 17, 2011
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Hi folks,

I figured a simple way to transfer my movies captured from my iPhone to my iPad over wifi without having to use iTunes. The transferred movies will eventually be put in the camera roll, thus available for iMovie...

To do this, I used AirDisk Pro. You actually need an app that can let you share files over a web page but also that you can upload a file usine that web page. AirDisk Pro is able to do that...

1- Launch AirDisk Pro on your iPad
2- Access the AirDisk Pro web page from your iPhone
3- Navigate to the desired folder
4- Use the upload link to upload a pic or a video from your iPhone camera roll
5- Once completed, select the transferred file in your iPad
6- Copy the file to your iPad camera roll
7- Delete the file from AirDisk Pro
8- Have fun in iMovie!

That's it!

Vicopad addick!

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