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Movies in Library


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Apr 25, 2010
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Under the Library section there is a catagory called Movies. How do I get a particular movie to temporarily not be on My Ipad or Ipod? There is no option to not have them on there like there is for songs and pictures.
You will need to choose to manually sync movies in the movie tab of your Ipad, there you can check which movies you want on it and which you don't, you will need to have your Ipad connected to see it in iTunes.
My movies do not show up on the tabs on top, no movies in there.....only under the library on the left. Help!!!

Plus I do noy have a Videos tab or library.
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You mean photo tab on Itunes? No, they are not in there...they are under movies on the left, the library. When I go to the Ipad and Ipod some of them are in the device, but they dont show up on the devives movie volder...I dont get it. I dont have a tab or library that says videos, only movies. I need to start over...I am doing something wrong. the movies I want to put on are from my digital camera.
Digital camera movies are more difficult to get into iTunes. I'm assuming you are using a PC. I'll see if I can't outline a procedure that should work for you when I get a chance to look at it.

Don't give up, we'll help you out.
Quick question for you HV, do you see all of your movies in iTunes? And the problem is that you don't see them under the tab for your iPod or iPad?
Yes exactly, so I dont have the option to choose what movies is on the Ipad or not. Also when it asks me if I want to sync movies to it.....it gives a warning that all my music will be removed, which it did and I had to reinstall. I figured out how to convert the camera movies and get them in the library, just not how to sync then to the Ipad. Hope I explained that well!!!
OK, I think you just need to define them as the correct media type to see them in the correct section for your iPad. You do this my opening the 'Get Info' window from the right click menu of the item you want to edit. Under 'options' you will see a drop box to define what type of media the file is. If you change it to 'movie' it should then appear under your movies tab of your iPad for syncing.


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