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Moshi iVisor AG Screen Protector


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Aug 1, 2011
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North Carolina
I just received my moshi anti glare screen protector this afternoon. As advertised, it took only seconds to apply. It is not a 100% 'perfect' fit, but is about 98-99% perfect fit. If I place it so the home key is perfectly aligned, then the camera opening is slightly off. So, I made sure the camera opening was perfectly placed and now you really have to look hard to see that the home button is just barely out of alignment.
I immediately took my iPad outside to see just how things looked. No problems reading a book or seeing my icons in the shade at all. In bright sunlight, it was a little more difficult. I actually had to turn up the brightness on the screen in order to see the icons. Reading a book was better. By repositioning myself and the iPad just a little, I was able to read a book in bright sun.

I read where others said they could see a 'screen' effect if they looked closely. I tried really hard, but could never see that at all. It looks really good, was easy to apply and the anti glare really works. So far I am very pleased.

I should be receiving my Ayl cover tomorrow and I hope it works as expected with my Moshi anti glare screen.

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