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Modulr case and system


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Jul 7, 2010
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I have had this for near a month now and I have to give modulr credit. It's everything I need it to be, and as a case I can not see a need for more protection then this.

I got the modulr package - case,cover, stand, hand strap and wall mount.

The surprise is the stand. The way it attaches to the case makes it the most stable stand I have tried. It locks into place as such that the iPad is never going to slip off of it. You could even use it as a handle, toss it around, it isn't coming off accidentally. It has a contour to the stand that fits perfectly around an arm of a couch, a leg, makes it perfect for tabletop, lap, bed,it just works.

The case has a hard shell cover that pops on and off with ease. The iPad slips in and out if the case quite easy as well. There is no struggle to install or remove unlike some products. It is not flimsy either, and it is not going to wear or bend like soft cases do.

The wall mount is simple in design. I honestly have not mounted it yet, but it seems sturdy enough.

The strap is a strap....it straps onto your hand......what else can I say.

Bottom line, very happy with it. More then enough protection, my screen is completely protected when out and about unlike some other cases. I like it so much I leave it on 24/7 and the stand is left attached 95% of the time that I am home too.

5 stars from me

Note my other stand is the 12 south compass thing which I have made clear by now in other posts that I wish I never bought. With the case installed, it sticks onto the compass stand a little better and does not slide off of the compass stand as much. That being said, it still sucks, and the modulr one is 1000 times better, but I have to give portability to the compass.

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