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Modify an iPod 5G Dock to get Video and IR Control of your iPad for about $20


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May 1, 2010
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Flagstaff, Arizona
I was poking about with my new 3G iPad this morning looking for some stand ideas. I saw I guy hacked an old 2G dock to make a stand. I wanted to see if the 5G docks I had would work as well. They do, but also give S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo output and input control via the Apple IR controller!

I made a quickie web page on how to take it apart. I need a bit more time to make a nice hardwood enclosure to encase the guts, but it works and works well! Suggestions on the enclosure are welcome.
Check here:
iPod Dock for iPad With IR
I know this is a golden oldie, but props to the OP for this. I was pretty sure these old docks would work for Svideo and Audio from the iPad2 when the apps supported video out, but this is about the only place on the 'net where I've found proof of it. I'll be using the same dock but with a sync extension cable between it and the iPad because a) I don't really want to tear the dock up and b) because I want to sit the pad in the landscaped and tilted position established with the Griffin Intellicase smart cover in tucked position, and the dock will be too bulky to attach directly to the iPad.

Edit: Didn't work. Ended going with the Apple Composite AV Cable instead, which I purchased used on eBay for $18. Still better than $40 for the Digital AV Cable, considering that I also have easier access to composite connections than I do to HDMI.
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