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Apr 6, 2010
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Im thinking of getting MobileMe. Is it worth it? I mainly need it to backup my contacts, and photos. If its possible to back up my music. If i get MobileMe, can i access my stuff at anytime and download it to my device? And do i need a Mac or pc for this? Is there a better product to do this?

I have mobile me and it has been very helpful in organizing my mail folders, but I really need to spend more time with it as I am not using it to it's full potential.
It's not a dedicated back up like Time Machine is. Your main mobileme account only gets 20 gigs of space. No way I could use that as a full back up device, my itunes folder alone is over 200 gigs not counting all my other stuff. I use a 1T external drive with time machine for my backups.

Mobile me is great for syncing contacts, mail, ical and for using for remote document storage and access ect across computers and devices. I really like it. But it's no true backup.
I like it a lot but I have to admit I am not using it to its fullest potential. I like the idea of using it as a backup for my Ipad. This is the primary reason I bought the 32gb. I have more space on Mobile Me if I need it. I also like being at work and being able to access via web and update contacts if I receive new info on my work email address which I do not have linked to my mac or my ipad.
Yes, it is worth it. Don't forget, on top of all the other cool backup/email features you get with it, you also have the ability to locate your Ipad or remote wipe all the date in case it is ever lost or stolen. Peace of mind is oftentimes priceless.
I love mobileme, but I wish they'd either drop the price or add more storage space to idisk.
I really love that it syncs across all my devices. Right when I set up mobileme on my ipad, it synced all my safari bookmarks from my laptop. Very cool.
I also use Dropbox for my work files between my Dell laptop, my desktop pc at work and my PowerBook at home.

This might be a nice alternative for sharing data. You get a small amount of space for free, 2GB, but can upgrade for a charge. They have an iPhone app, and the forum says they are working on an iPad app, so in a little while you might have another option.

FYI - I did not try the iPhone app as i figured I would wait fhb the iPad one.

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