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MMO, which is best?!?!?


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Jan 16, 2012
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Ok, I just received my iPad this past Christmas from my work. I've downloaded a bunch of games and now am looking for the truly best MMO the iPad has to offer. I've looked around and have downloaded pocket legends, star legends, and Celtic heroes. So far, IMO, Celtic legends seems the best.

It's basically a wow clone with some pieces pulled from eq it seems, or at least feels that way. I've tried the other two although they seem a bit more level based rather then zone based, which is just my personal preference.

I've done more looking but it seems most of the other games out there are like the old Zelda games on super Nintendo.

I'm looking for other peoples preferences and suggestions on a good MMO, primarily based on price and quantity of things to do. Personally I like free but I realize that some of the best games out there are probably pay games. What has everyone tried and what seems to be the best games for a MMO fan?

P.s. character development, pvp, raiding, grouping, questing, items all things I'm trying to take into consideration, so if you have any info on these qualities of what you suggest please put in your response.

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