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MLB Perfect Inning Baseball Simulation Game now on the iTunes Store


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Jun 22, 2012
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There are plenty of baseball-related games on the iTunes Store, but the recently launched MLB Perfect Inning title is one of the best console-quality simulator games that’s been fully-licensed by Major League Baseball. The game comes with so many features that only a title on your computer or gaming console could have. You can play the game on your iPhone or iPad and you can draft, train and trade your favorite players to build the ultimate roster. Here are some more of the game’s top features:

MLB licensing – all 30 MLB teams included, with a roster of 215 distinctly modeled players.

Multiple game modes including batting practice, full-length seasons, and post-season play

Play and save up to five seasons with an option to replay any season.

AI Play – Let your team play on its own through an AI simulation.

Chance Play – Intervene and play only at crucial moments.

Attack Play – Play offense only.

Full Play – Complete the entire match manually.

Earn rewards – set and achieve season goals, complete missions, record achievements, and top the Team / Player MVP rankings. Reach each milestone and claim awesome rewards.

You will be able to draft your favorite Major League players and build the ultimate baseball team, as well as train or trade your players and level up player’s skills and stats. Also, by restoring Condition and Stamina, you will be able to keep your players in good form. There are multiple game games, like Batting Practice or Post Season.

The graphics of the game are very sharp and life-like but it might take a while until you get accustomed with the game controls. The comes with a size of 68.5 MB and is available as a free download, but there are some inside-app purchases that you can make use of for an improved gaming experience.

Source: iPhoneForums

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