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missing ipa files...

Mr. Ected

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Sep 9, 2010
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Washington, DC
missing ipa files...(hard drive portion of apps)


Not sure if this has been covered before, but it is hard to search on "ipa."

Somehow my "Media/Mobile Applications" folder is missing, and all of the apps are gone. I normally do a back-up for this exact issue, but had a cc# change and my forgetting to give it to them, caused some other issues... :mad:

Is there a way for me to get those files back off of my iPad? Or can I just d/l them from the iTunes store, since I have paid for them?

I don't want to sync since this will delete the apps from my iPad and iTunes, correct???

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Mr. Ected
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So far my only solution that I could find was to re-d/l each application from iTunes. This is not difficult, and I am not charged for those that I have paid for, just is slow.

Might be a good punishment for not having my back-up set up properly!! ;)

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