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Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100, iPad’s reign still intact


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Jun 22, 2012
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We all know that Apple has kick started its Back to School campaign, inviting prospective college students, students and faculty staff to purchase gear with a considerable discount. Microsoft couldn’t let the bandwagon pass it by and jumped at the opportunity to be in the program. It started by cutting prices for its Surface RT tablets quite aggressively with as much as 30%.

And now the tech giant is going even further. It’s axing down the price of Surface Pro tablets with up to $100 for each model. Unlike the Surface RT tablets which haven’t proved too popular due to the fact that users can’t install desktop apps on them, the Surface Pro comes fully equipped with Windows 8 and can run all the third party apps you want. This feature might seriously draw customers to the promotion.

To take advantage of the offer, shoppers can go directly to the Microsoft Store and purchase a 64GB Surface Pro tablet for $800, while the 128GB version is now available for only $900. The offer does not include a Microsoft Office license or the Touch or Type cover.

These massive price cuts come shortly after Microsoft has announced its earnings report. As we said before, Surface tablets aren’t attracting a whole lot of customers like the tech giant had hoped. Competing with Apple and the whole host of Android tablets has proved more than difficult for the Windows maker that seems to be at a loss. Will these massive discounts in price finally attract the wanted customers?

My bet is that it won’t. For those that don’t know, Apple has also a 128 GB iPad for sale, so that might be their answer, at least until a new version doesn’t come out.

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Source: Windows Report
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Even if the surface RT was free, I probably wouldn't want one. For something to live with everyday, I'd rather have bird flu. MS has to realize that windows 8 is a horrible product. Or, as Shaquille Oneill would say, it's horri-awful. If they don't get that sorted, no price cuts or gimmicks will help them.

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