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Meal Ticket App Enables Restaurants To Deliver Coupons to Customers on the Spot


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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If you’re someone who likes to collect and save coupons for special offers in your favourite restaurants, but get a bit fed up with carrying dog-eared coupons around with you in your pocket or purse and then finding that you’ve held onto them for so long that they’re out of date, the Meal Ticket iPad and iPhone app could be just the, um, ticket for you! Developed by db3 Mobile, the app uses real-time GPS technology to enable restaurants to deliver coupons to customers where they are, giving them instant savings on the spot. Meal Ticket intends to build up relationships with local and national restaurants so that users will have fast, free and easy access to many different online restaurant coupons, ranging from food specials to drink specials and event promotions.

The app requires no printing or clipping of coupons, enabling customers to simply redeem them directly from their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, as well as passing the savings onto friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

If that sounds like something that could appeal to you, download the free app here (US App Store only):
Meal Ticket

Source: Meal Ticket

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