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mapping a drive to ipad.. is it possible?

Coco B

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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi, i am interested in finding out whether or not you can map a drive to the ipad. I recently purchased one and would primarly be using it instead of my laptop that i previously used to log in remotely from home after work hours. I work at a car dealership and use a CRM Software system: dealersocket which allows connectivity between remotely accessing my work email and ultimately checking out the inventory listed on my website as well as other sites. I would greatly appreciate any insight on this subject! Thank you in advance!
You can remote into a computer at your work. If you use windows machines at work I would recommend the app called WinAdmin for iPad.

In order to access your computer you would have to know the computers IP or Computer name and also have VPN access to your works network.
thank you for your help with that knowledge on the subject.. would you know how i could connect my work email on that ipad? so i would be able to access that as well?
Just go into the mail settings and setup your work mail account.

also I forgot but there is an app you can get an app called ServerControl that lets you browse network shares.

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