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manually flashing an ipad1 logic board with original software... possible?


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Jan 24, 2012
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i have an ipad 1 16gb wifi, which just plain isn't working.

i originally thought it was a tethered jailbreak not booting right, but after thoroughly and exhaustively studying and troubleshooting, i came to the conclusion that the dock connector was damaged. replacing that part did nothing, it's still not recognized by any pc or mac in restore or DFU mode.

at this point, i believe that the wrong software was loaded on the ipad, or the flashing was ruined by power loss or disconnect.

since i'm unable to connect to the assembled ipad by conventional means, is there a way to manually connect to the board on my workbench to reload the original software?

i'm pretty tech savvy, and tho i've never done anything like this before, i'm almost positive (if it's possible) that i could do it.

any ideas?

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