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Managing Contacts on Ipad3


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Apr 25, 2012
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North Carolina
I'm new to Ipad. I have Droid phone through Verizon with gmail account. My email acct I've used on windows laptop is AOL. I synched my aol contacts with my Outlook contacts on laptop. Then I pulled the Outlook contacts over to my gmail account which also contains my cell phone contacts used on the Droid phone. I've made a couple of passes at getting my contacts in the gmail account synched to the Ipad. Just hacking along I've gotten the stuff over to Ipad. But in the process I've got a ton of duplication and garbage now in the Ipad contact list. So I went back and totally cleaned up my gmail contacts and outlook contacts on my windows laptop. Now I want to synch this stuff over to the Ipad to replace the contacts on the ipad with the new cleaned up contact list. But I don't want to accidently push the Ipad stuff back to the laptop gmail/outlook contact lists. How do I proceed? Help please!

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