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maintaining a web site/blog with the ipad2


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Jun 7, 2011
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I currently maintain a couple of web sites and a blog using iweb on my Macbook and host them on my MobileMe space. I would like to use the ipad2 to send in blog entries when traveling. I called the Apple customer service and spoke to a rep who told me that the app "Shortcut Pro: iweb Edition" would provide an interface with my web sites at MobileMe so I can update my web sites and blog using the ipad2. I checked out the description of that app and, in brief, no, it doesn't.

My questions for forum members are these: Do you create/update content on web pages using your ipad2? If so, what app do you use for this? Do you use your ipad2 to submit blog entries for your blog (if you have one)? If so, what app do you use? I'm trying to find the best way to maintain a blog while working in the field (I'm an archaeologist) and don't want to bring my Macbook with me.
Although I agree this is also an app issue, I've moved your post to the Help section with a permanent redirect because I think it might receive better attention there.

I use wordpress, and it works fine.

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