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Mail sent while I was sleeping!


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Sep 18, 2011
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I would like to ask a question here. I have an ipad that is not jailbroken. I use it for my corporate email system as well as person use. The only applications I use it for is web browsing and corporate emailing. I added the BING app for my ipad the other day. I woke up this morning to find that it went to a site called findmail.jp and automatically sent emails out using my corporate email to folks I work with that had "porn" links within those emails. I was sound asleep when it did this all on its own. Can anyone help me understand how this happened?
It is not the iPad that has been compromised but your email account *on the email server*.

You need to alert your IT guys...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response. However, I am the "IT GUY" for my organization and we have a very secure network. Also my ipad was sitting on a table overnight when the problem occurred. When I opened it up that next morning I discovered that it was opened to a page called "findmail.jp" and it was in the middle of a message, which I thought was very strange. So thinking it was not my email system at work but perhaps somehow it was hacked or highjacked. Oh and I have an iphone and that seems to be fine. Kinda strange..

I am just wondering how I can get around this issue in the future. We are having more and more executives using these devices so it concerns me that this occurred and wondering if it is something that could occur to anyone else. Thoughts?
Bing is a large and complex app. It would not really surprise me in Microsoft left a few doors open accidentally - perhaps through their ad serving service... They really do not have a great track record when it comes to security.

I don't know anything specific of course, I'm just speculating.

Does Bing add a user agent header to email or anything?

If the Bing browser was used remotely, you might have browsing history.

You might want to delete the app and see if anything else strange happens...

I would also contact Microsoft, and see if you can find anything interesting in the bing blog and community pages.


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