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Made a mistake in Set Up, now can't get apps!


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Jan 10, 2011
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Hi, hope someone can help me.

I set up an apple id when I first got my ipad. I can’t really remember which email address I used. I may even have entered a non-existent address. I do know that I entered my credit card number and that my main email address appears on the right-hand panel of iTunes when I connect the iPad to my laptop.

1) I guess that means that that address is my Apple ID, right?

When I try to download an app I get the message that my apple id needs to be verified and that a message has been sent to my email with instructions/links to follow in order to do this.
I've checked my email account(s) and... no message.

I now have a new iPad that I can't put apps on.

It’s all become a bit of a mess.

I guess what I’d like to do is just “wipe everything†and start over.

2) Is wiping everything and starting over (new Apple ID, new account, restored iPad, etc) possible or even the right thing to do given what’s happened?


3) Should I somehow try to salvage the situation given that Apple already thinks I have an ID (even though their emails to that address (my ID) aren’t reaching me.

I'd appreciate any advice people could give me.

Hi Tina, so it isnt letting you log in to iTunes at all? with your email address you have registered with and your password? the email still might come through it comes just takes time and it could be located in your "Junk" folder. You could create a new Apple account for iTunes and you won't need to restore your iPad... least I don't think you will.
My 1st suggestion will be to setup a new account and start from scratch.
If you already purchased some applications on your "unknown" account, you will need to re-buy them again.
If these are just free programs, you may write them down and reinstall them.

You don;t even have to un install iTune for a new account, since there are homes with multiple accounts for multiple iPADs, and iPhones.

Don't think that Apple mind if you have multiple accounts for a single iPAD though...

read some more here:
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If you can connect to iTunes, can you edit the e-mail address?

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