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Machine has wrong AppleID stuck in its memory


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Mar 19, 2013
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Several apps need upgrading on my iPad1. When I go to update, I get the prompt to enter password for my Apple ID. Only problem, the AppleID it presents is not a complete AppleID (not the complete email address that I registered), and there is no password for that partial name. I have signed out under the <STORE> tab and then logged back in with the AppleID with which the apps were purchased, and this is verified in my Settings. But, when I go to update, the prompt to give password for the partial, erroneous AppleID shows up. How do I get this partial, erroneous AppleID out of the memory of my machine? Tech support from Apple either has no answers or doesn't get the problem picture. This is driving me batty, and my apps still need updating. Backchannel contact via email will work well for this assistance request. Thanks!

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