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Lumi On Sale to Celebrate the New Year


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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To celebrate the arrival of 2012, Foundation Games has been holding a special sale on the iPad and iPhone versions of its delightful game, Lumi. Until tomorrow, Tuesday January 3, you can get either the iPad or iPhone version of Lumi for $0.99.

“We wanted to make Lumi accessible to all gamers on any budget this holiday season, to witness the game’s breathtaking graphics and unique gameplay elements,†said Aron Beierschmitt, founder of Foundation Games. “The biggest feedback we continue to get from players is how much Lumi feels like a console-based gaming experience in the palm of their hands. They haven’t seen anything yet, as this is just the beginning for the Lumi experience, with huge content updates coming soon, further expanding the Lumi universe and entire user experience."

Faced with bringing light back to a darkened universe, Lumi is the only one with the ability to reverse the encroaching darkness. Use Lumi’s powers based on magnetism and light to venture through a darkened world as you try to save your friends and restore peace throughout the land. Lumi features intense boss battles, exciting worlds, amazing art and fun achievements. And, very soon, you can expect updates with new game modes, including Challenge Mode, and Double Rainbow Mode, new levels, a Blue Firefly Race, and Find the Firefly.

Click here to download the iPad version: Lumi HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Or click here to download the iPhone version: App Store - Lumi for iPhone / iPod Touch

Source: Foundation Games
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