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Lost pics


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Feb 11, 2012
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One how I have lost pictures in the events category on my iPad. However all the pics are still on my iPad, in the photo stream. I want to be able to view my pics in events so I know the dates of the pics... What's up, how do I get that events dates and pics back?


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Apr 24, 2011
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi and welcome to the Forum!

With regards to your question when an app behaves strangely it is best to close it completely and then relaunch it. From the home screen do the four finger swipe up or double press the home button to reveal your multi task bar. These are all the apps that you have opened at one time. Long press the app until it jiggles and a red minus sign will appear above it. Press the minus sign, this will close the app, not delete it, now press the home button to return to your screen. It's also a good idea to close all these apps, as it helps the iPad run smoothly, I do mine every night. Check and see if it is operating now, if not a restart is in order.

Restart: Press and hold the power off button, the one at the top right. You will see a slide appear to power off, slide this and the screen will go dark and a Whirly will appear. When the Whirly disappears your iPad is now off. Press the power button again until the Apple logo appears, this will take a few seconds and your iPad will restart. You should restart your iPad occasionally also as it will keep it running well. Now see if it is operating. If not a reset is the next step.

Reset: Hold the power off button and the home button simultaneously, keep holding them in and you will see the power off slide appear and disappear, wait until you see the Apple logo appear before releasing the buttons. It will take a little longer for your iPad to start. This is a reset.

Let us know how you go, good luck!!

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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Events are synced from iPhotos on you Mac computer. You set up what events will sync using the Photo settings in iTunes. Pictures taken using the iPad, or added by means other than from iPhotos through iTunes can not be in the Events tab. Nor can you do it with a PC. It's strictly an Apple iPhoto feature. So are Faces and Places.

iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes

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