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Losing features on iPad iWork


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Jun 27, 2010
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I have to edit mostly Pages (a bit Numbers and Keynote) documents on the iPad, and at the end of the day, send them back to my desktop or laptop.

Problem is, I lose (for example) the headers/bullets when opening a Pages document transferred from my main computer. I simply can't put back all the features lost on the iPad, edit the doc, and send it back later to the desktop computer. Time consuming!

What is the best app I could use where my original (mainly created on my laptop) document wouldn't be changed as much as in the situation explained above?

I usually edit the same docs on a regular basis (so pdf is out of the equation), and would like to send them back and forth between the iPad and laptop/desktop. I do not care at this point if I were to use iWork or the Office Suite.

Thks for your help.

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