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Looking for open face leather case


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Feb 23, 2012
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Hi I'm looking for a leather style case/sleeve that covers the whole of the back of the iPad and just the rim of the front leaving the entire screen open to view, i do not want one that has a flap on the front so it opens like a book
Please can someone help I've looked do hard but to no avail
I don't know of any leather case that only has what you describe. There's lots of plastic, silicone and metal ones - but no leather that I can see.

Have you thought of maybe applying a leather skin to the back? I have one and, while it doesn't wrap around the sides/to the front, it nicely covers the back of my iPad. I put it on for two reasons (1) I don't like the bulkiness of a case and (2) the metal of the back gets cold in upstate NY winters! :)

Just a thought. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck in your search.

you may want to give dealextreme a look. I get my cases there for super cheap and they have almost any type of case you could ask for. however it comes from china so don't expect fast shipping.

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