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Looking for an app like iAnnotate...


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hi there,
I'm looking for an app like iAnnotate, but with some extra features. iAnnotate is doing almost everything which I need, but like I said, almost.

I need an app, which can grand user access to a specific shared folder (which should be located on a server).

The whole idea is to let students use the iPad for education and materials and download them from a single server, but let say STUDENT A has to have access only to shared folder (1st Semester), STUDENT B has to have access to shared folder (2nd Semester) etc.

An other thing which would be nice if the downloaded pdf file uses layers, instead of overwriting the existing pdf, the idea to make notes and scratches and in the end of the day you can still use the pdf in the way you've got it.

I doubt there is such an app, but who knows.
Hopefully someone will give me some lead.

Hey bobbyggx,

Thanks for your feedback and such. Your ideas are quite intriguing, and we're definitely working on iAnnotate to make it one of the most dynamic PDF readers available.

If you would like, you can post your concerns over at the Aji Forums, and the developers will be more than happy to help you and try to implement your ideas.

Again, we really appreciate your feedback and hopefully iAnnotate can become something that DOES everything, not ALMOST :)


EDIT: Seems like I'm not able to post links until I've posted three times... I'll PM you the link if you're interested in helping iAnnotate become a better PDF reader than it already is :)

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