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Logitech 920-003402 keyboard and Ipad 2 and soft-case,, how thick??


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May 10, 2012
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Melbourne Fl
I just purchased an Ipad 2 for the wife. To transition from a T-61 TP I also purchased a Logitech keyboard. It's the snap-in gen-2, not the new ultra.

I also want to purchase a case/bag/tote that will hold the Ipad in the KB case with:

  • room for the charger, cables, & EU/UK 220v plug(s).
  • simple shoulder strap
  • some padding
We live on a rock, so our shopping generaly ends up at ebay or Amazon..

I have read bunches of reviews where the "ipad 2" case is either very tight or to small. So, I have been looking for a case for a Mac Air 11"?? I thinking it should have nearly the same dimensions,, 9.5" x 7.5" x 1" ?

Could you post you case likes and dislikes for this combo??

For reference, I have looked at these:

  • STM Jacket For iPad Sleeve Shoulder Bag DP2139
  • STM Australia Vertical Netbook/Tablet
  • Targus Crave Nylon Netbook Sleeve 10.2 Inches Grey - Targus TSS19102US
  • Case Logic 10.2" Netbook Dobby Nylon Carrying Case
  • Maxpedition Khaki Pistol Case 1308 or 1309, youtube review: XXUa9DLDmNw
  • LaunchPad COM-LPD-CYT: Hazard 4 Mil-spec Sleeve

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