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Live Traffic Cop


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May 3, 2010
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I've really enjoyed using Trapster when I drive around. I have it set up with the Ozzie voice and get a lot of "known enforcment zone" alerts. But yesterday I got my very first "Better slow down, mate. Live police ahead." And sure enough, about a mile later there he was with his speed gun out.

The live traffic overlay page works well, too. It shows where traffic is heavy by drawing green, yellow, and red lines. It even correctly showed a mile long stretch that was backed up on a two-lane road. Once I passed the end of the red line, traffic picked right back up. The traffic info is available in a number of other map apps, but it's nice that Trapster supports it within their app. All they need now is traffic cams (which I get from an app called Beat the Traffic).

Also, larger buttons would be helpful for the GPS Locate button and the Report button.
Could have done with that today. Traffic was quite heavy in Bromley at about 11.00 am. I returned home via Shortlands which is 0.5 miles west of the centre. Traffic was very heavy with community police directing us at the Railway bridge. A lorry was jammed under the bridge. It's amazing how wide an areas is affected by a mishap on a trunk route.

The community police were pretty poor traffic cops which added to the hold up.

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I also like listening to Air Traffic...ATC is the app I use, but will not get Heathrow....Everything else, but not here :(

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