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live streaming service for ipad


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Jul 4, 2014
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I wrote a review on Futubox,

I will publish some more reviews in the near future.

Hope you will enjoy.

With all the respect I have for broadcast and cable TV, nowadays, people start to cut their cables and move towards viewing live TV channel over the Internet – via a PC, Cellular phones or a tablet. There are a lot of services that saying they have good quality channels, most of them don't stand behind their promises. But after checking a lot of them I found one service that doing the job – Futubox.

Why Futubox? First of all most of futubox channel are in HD quality. There are hundreds of channels, in 6 languages (English, French, German etc.) and New channels are constantly added with NO any additional charges

For me the highlight of the service is the UK Channels – with all SKY's movie channel, ITV, Music channels, CBS action & drama, comedy central, True TV movies, Sports Channels and lots more – definitely the best of the best.

Futubox has also a very unique DVR. You can easily watch your favorite programs and then play them back anytime up to 100 hours. The Web site also provides an EPG, Each TV channel is associated with a TV guide, so you know exactly what’s on TV.

One thing that is missing in futubox, for me, is some US channels. If there will be some, as I can imagine there are planning to – this will be more than awesome.

Futubox is the world's largest live streaming HDTV subscription service, but the price is very reasonable for everything you get. It also support Ipad, Iphone, Android OS, PC, MAC, laptop, Set Top Box, XBMC, so you watch quality TV almost everywhere.

Bottom line – Futubox is the best live streaming HDTV service, offering you best HDTV shows, featured movies, sports, news and anything else you want anytime, anywhere.

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