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Little advice on purchasing a ipad


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Jun 21, 2010
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Well my wife wants a ipad. I have to admit it seemed pretty cool.
But I am unsure about what to buy.

I am looking at the 16gb one.
She will be doing web surfing and email mostly. I would think some games for the kids and some movies. Is 16gb enough or should I go for the 32gb?

What is the best place to buy.. Apple site? Mac Mall or somewhere else.

Apple care is it worth it ?
If you will store video, get the 64GB. If you will stream or rent and delete, 16GB will suffice.
Good luck finding one in a store! I bought mine from the Apple website. No cost for shipping (from China!), but you will pay sales tax (which you would pay anyway).
It is really a personal decision depending on how much of an addiction you have! :)
I found the apple care expensive and upgraded the GB instead but I don't have kids so it will be treated differently. Age of kids would factor in. A 16 Gb wouldn't save a great selection of movies. You might be better off with a portable DVD for the kids for travelling etc. I haven't explored Netflix yet - just iTunes movies which tend to be more expensive that I keep on my iTouch. I think the next generation probably will increase in size and eliminate the 16gb as the iTouch has done. JMHO.

Probably the best people to answer this are those that have the 16gb model. Are they satisfied with their decision?
I bought the 16GB model and since I don't store video, music or even many pictures, it's more than sufficient. If I would be storing that data I would only get the largest available storage.
I have a 64 gb and while I feel like I have put massive amounts of stuff on it, it's not even 1/3rd full. I just got my gf a 16 gb one a week ago...what do you mean they're impossible to find? The best buy near me had 7 in stock (all 64gb tho) so I called the apple store nearby and they had a 16 gb in stock that they held for me while I drove over there.

Now the apple case...that's another story!! Nobody carries them for more than 5 mins, I ordered one from apple and it's gonna take 5 weeks to get here!!!
Oh didnt know the ipad was that hot still not being able to find it in the store. I guess I should have said I would only store video on it if we travel some so i would not have a ton on it.
Which I called best buy and they didnt have one locally.
I bought the 64GB so I know I have enough memory. I mainly use the notes app and pages app also use it for browsing and emails. I personally would go for 64GB but if not 32GB.

Good luck :)
I guess they are harder to find than I thought. I called a few best buys and 2 apple stores none in stock.. Would you buy from mac mall ?
I always advise friends to buy the biggest unit that they can afford (same for Macs, iPhones and now iPads). In the long run, you end up using as much capacity as you bought. Otherwise, it doesn't matter where you buy your iPad, Apple will service it no matter what.

Hold off on the $69 Apple Care coverage until about month eleven (like, put a reminder in your calendar with alarms). You can add it at any time during the first year. Good insurance against an expensive mobile product... :)

My local Apple stores (Seattle, WA area) only have the 64GB models in stock cause all the others are sold out. So you might just want to order it online and have it dropped shipped from China to your door. Call your local store anyways, just to check.

I wouldn't go through anyone but Apple direct right now. With the high demand they are the only ones that will guarantee delivery.
I've always tried to buy the most memory I can afford but without he iPad you have a lot of flexibility. You can always move movies in and out whenever you want. If your going to use it with kids I would definitely get the squaretrade insurance and get one of the less expensive ipads.
Well I got the 64gb from macmall. Which I would say the first rep I had was awful.. I ending up not buying from him and calling back and ordered from another lady that was nice I could understand her also.

The first guy I tried to order from I order the 32gb got to thinking 1 hr later I ll go to the 64 gb figure a simple change in my order..I didnt know he had to cancel the order and reorder. So he it my card twice with authorizations that are still there. The he calls and said they couldnt sale to me because I wanted it shipped to a local ups store so it wouldnt be on my door step.

Just my rant... We like the ipad so far just wish it was so expensive or I would get one for the kids.
Go with 16 for some one using it not to heavy it's great and more than enough! And you also want to save a couple bucks, especially since a new one will prob be out next summer! It's just memory! It's not like it's ram or anything and will make the experience less enjoyable!

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