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Line-Drawing Comes to the iPad with The Squadron: Curse of the Aztecs


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Republic of Fun has announced today that its line-drawing aerial combat game, The Squadron: Curse of the Aztecs, is out now for the iPad for $2.99. The game challenges players to protect an ancient Aztec device from enemy forces. The game's object is to guide a squadron of fighter planes and stop any enemy vehicles from reaching the Aztec artefact and activating the ancient device inside it, which will then trigger the end of the world!
Players will have to keep up with a growing fleet of fighter planes and endless enemy convoys in a bid to save the planet from certain destruction.

“The Squadron adds a new level of magnitude to the line-drawing genre that’s proven popular on the App Store. That’s because if you lose in The Squadron, you aren’t just responsible for a couple of planes going down or a couple of boats going under – it’s the end of the world!â€
Mike Rasmussen, President of Republic of Fun.

Source: Republic of Fun

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