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Life proof Case


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Mar 17, 2012
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I have a lifeproof case on my i-phone 4s. I can tell you it has been thrown about 20 ft across cement ( don't ask), spent time out in the rain, and has landed in the cat's water bowl with no harm done at all. My partner bought one too at the same time and his
caused an echo on the phone which made conversations virtually inaudable. Lifeproof recognise this problem can occour and were quick to send out a replacement. Mine worked perfectly straight out of the box and my phone gets some pretty rough treatment. Asa tip, if you wan't to buy a lifeproof case for an i-phone and still want to use one of those dinky little wallet things which hold a couple of credit cards and have room for taxi money, the 4s won't fit in a 4s wallet with the lifeforce cover on it but it does fit perfectly into a samsung galaxy wallet it you can find the right one......just waiting now for lifeforce to develop a cover for my new i-pad3.I'm pretty confident I can use it in the bath when they do. Hope that helps to make up your mind, and no , I don't work for the company, I'm just an Australian fan of their product.

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