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Let's take them to go home!

Dec 1, 2011
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Do your kids love animals? Do they want to study and explore the environment? The game application ‘coming home’ will be the instrument to help children approach the wild life in a lively way, improve their logic thinking the best.

The application is designed into 2 interesting parts:â€zoo game’,’nature game’, helping kids to learn a lot of useful things about the wild world. Considering outstanding elements such as eye-catching design, a wide variety of animals, familiar pictures, cheerful sounds, this application is definitely a small wildlife for kids

At ‘zoo game’, the images of the game relate to the animals and their accommodations in the zoo. They cant find their places, so the mission of the kids is to put each in its right house. The special thing is that the kids will get the detailed instructions, the system will read the name of the lost animal while the name is labeled on each shelter.

At ‘nature game’, the level is higher because the kids aren’t instructed carefully anymore. They have to find the right house fo each animal after its name is mentioned. In order to complete this part, the kids have to put the thought to figure out the accommodation of specific animal from their own experience. As a result, the game stimulate their the imagination. The various natural pictures will inspire the kids to study, explore and connect it to real life. Besides, this application will provide the kids with standard pronounciation through the reading of the system.

Bring your beloved kids the best you can. Download the application at:

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