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Let's speak with your baby! :)

Dec 1, 2011
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A meaningful gift for your kids!​
Download at:

Is there anything happier than seeing your kids to grow up and develop day by day? “Kids learn speak†will help your kids improve right from the first steps. With 11 categories, your kids will have opportunity to communicate with diversified lovely models of various fields from animals, numbers, objects to dates, alphabets, fruits, etc. The images are carefully and properly chosen suitable for kids. Besides, interesting sound will make “Kids learn speak†a perfect choice for your kids’ development.
In each category, the application will help your kids learn while playing. The kids will learn how to pronounce each letter and name the images based on the system‘s instruction. The images familiar to normal life will help kids explore and get accustomed to the surroundings. In addition, the game will help kids revise by finding the right image of the sound automatically read loud by the system. This will make kids memorize better, so establish a habit of exploring and memorizing everything.
The outstanding features:
- Nice design
- Diversified images
- Suitable for 2-5 year-old kids
- Share with others
- Easy feedback
Let’s bring the best things for your kids!

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