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Latest Apple Park Drone Footage Shows the Lush Landscaping in All Its Glory


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Latest Apple Park drone footage shows landscaping.JPG

Apple Park is almost complete, but the latest 4K drone tour posted by drone videographer Matthew Roberts reveals that there’s still a fair bit to be done before work is finished altogether. Roberts’ newest video shows that much of the parkland surrounding the various campus buildings has now been planted, with lots of trees and grasslands, and also a large artificial pond, complete with benches facing the water for Apple employees and guests to take their breaks in a relaxing setting.

However, the drone footage also reveals that not all the landscaping is complete, with areas around the fitness center and the Wolfe Road entrance still relatively bare.

A security checkpoint has also now been added, which is necessary as the campus has been up and running as a working environment for Apple employees for the past few months. The campus is still a long way short of full staff capacity, however, as once completed it will house over 12,000 people.

Source: New Apple Park drone footage reveals improved landscaping, security checkpoint

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