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Last Fish


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Nov 15, 2012
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Last Fish is about a lonely little creature who is trying to survive the toxic water filled with goo and dangerous shadow fish. The main objective is to eat food and avoid the hazards in the water to survive as long as possible.

The controls are tilt based, but don’t let this be a deciding factor because they work well. There are three different setups for tilting the device, and the game also support Sphero—a robotic ball that gamers can use to control the fish. The tilting mechanic is used to help the fish swim around in the confined murky waters, which is sometimes toxic itself.

The goal in each level is to complete one of the four objectives that flash on the screen. These include surviving for a specific amount of time, following a trail of rings, clearing checkpoints and eating food to achieve a specific health number. While the goals rotate throughout all 45 levels, each level is different in terms of difficulty. As gamers advance, the food quality diminishes, the goo increases, health drops at a faster rate and there are more shadow fish to avoid.

Completing a level earns gamers one of three stars. These stars are used to unlock five arcade stages that allow gamers to play endlessly. Players can go back at anytime and replay levels where they didn’t earn three stars to earn more in order to unlock these levels. As a bonus, there are also Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

While Last Fish features monochromatic graphics, the visuals are still beautiful and impressive. The low pitched and relaxing sound effects and music help set the tone for the game. The simplicity is what makes it stand out the most.

Its main downfall is that the game needs more content. There needs to be more objectives, challenges and obstacles to keep the game play fresh, otherwise players may place this one on the shelf once they are finished. However, it can be argued that gamers are getting a decent amount of game time considering this universal gem is less than one dollar.

Last Fish may be simple on the surface, but it’s hard to master. It’s a clever game with a unique art style, and its addicting game play makes it worth checking out.

Review By Angela LaFollette on November 14th, 2012

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