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Just Sayin Hi


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May 30, 2012
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Just Saying Hi
Hi, Im Deborah and just found this site, looking for an answer with my iPad script and Java errors, in the Safari browser. I found my answer and learned a lot looking around at other questions and answers. Looks like a very friendly place and full of information for the newbie.
Love my computers and now my iPhone and iPad. I plan on staying around and learning as much as I can. Thank you for being here and having wonderful information for those of us who need answers on a new item.
I am a Mom, Grandma and live in Fl.
I am from KY. but don't like the cold, snow and ice, so moved here years ago, fell in love with the sun and beach and went home and sold my house and moved back. And will never move back North again. Go home to see family at times, but my life is full and happy in the sunny state of FL. on the beach.
Thanks Again


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Apr 10, 2012
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Here, There, Everywhere
Welcome to our forum! We hope you enjoy your time with us. What a great introduction!

I'm so glad you found the answer to your problem by searching the forum.

If you have any questions, the Search feature will be your best friend. If that doesn't work, just wait someone will be around with the answers you seek. With over 200,000 members I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

While you're *looking around *here are a few links you may find useful.

We have an iPad manual available for download incase you ever need it.
Apple - Support - Manuals

Did you know we have our own App - Its pretty easy to use.

We also have a gaming section. There is bound to be something there you like.
iPad Games
iPad Game Specific

Last but not least. Everyone has to play by the rules here. Please read them and keep them in mind when you post. http://www.ipadforums.net/forum-rules-help-info/2119-forum-rules-everybody-please-read.html

Again Welcome and We hope you Enjoy Your Time Here!


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