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Just found forum, own iPad since Wi-Fi release day one


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Jun 11, 2010
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Florida USA
Jerry here. MacBook owner for 2+ years, Apple TV owner for 3+ years, and multi iPod owner for years :) Wife has an iPhone that I'm allowed to use nights. weekends and some holidays.

I purchased the iPad 3G 64 Gb Wi-Fi 1st day of release (my local Apple store had some after 2pm cutoff for pre-order reservations). I swore that I was going to wait for the 2nd generation unit next year, as the press, blogs, etc. had such bad reviews after the Jan announcement. I went to the mall with my wife on day of release and stopped in the Apple store just to see if I could touch, hold (yes play) with one for a few minutes. After the first 15 minutes using it I new if they had any available I would be leaving with one. I know Steve Jobs has some quirky sayings; however I do have to say that the iPad is "magical". It really puts the Web and computing in general in your hands. Not using a mouse and just pointing at what your brain is thinking is going to make this iPad thing more of a huge success than it already is. The market for non computer owners is HUGE for the iPad. Since I've owned my iPad I hardly use my MacBook as often as I use to, and that was on a daily basis.

I also can't believe I just found this forum yesterday. It happened while I was searching for similar issues with my Incase iPad Convertible Book Jacket (BTW-based on a post in this forum I contacted Incase and they are going to replace my cover).

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