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Just bought my iPad yesterday...


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Jun 12, 2010
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And I was surprised that AT&T is still letting people sign up for Unlimited data plans. I bought the 64GB 3G iPad at Best Buy on Friday June 11, and was told that AT&T was only offering a 2GB plan for $25 a month. I signed up last night and it let me get the Unlimited data plan. Thank goodness I got the 3G iPad. I was considering going with the WiFi after they changed the plans.:D

Glad you got in on the unlimited deal.

There is basically no such thing here in Switzerland, but I use 3G rarely, and got the feature mostly for the GPS.
Great! congratulations!
Now the iOS 4 is released, believe enjoy with iPad will more cool!
well, If have some problem with the new ipad, can turn to this ifunia ipad column, where gathered many free resources, apps, games and tips, that I often take a look:
iFunia | iPad Column
Welcome to the site :)

I decided to go with o2 who gives 3gb a month for £15

I'm from the uk incase you were wondering ha

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