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Jellynote - New Free iPad App for Musicians


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Aug 7, 2014
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Hello everyone

I just want to introduce the new free iPad app for Jellynote!

Jellynote is the new social platform about music creation and performance: create and share sheet music, tabs and covers! Jellynote is built by musicians who face that problem and want to share solution to the community. We will also bring a new experience to play and learn music. As you are playing a song, Jellynote will listen to you and will give you a direct feedback in real time. This will make music learning easier!

Use the piano or fret board view to see the position of the notes on your instrument. Change the tempo of the song to your own pace. Watch a video cover in the integrated YouTube player, so you can see how other people play the song.

We already have a catalog of +140,000 songs.

With the Search tool, filter your search by artist, instrument, or difficulty. Browse artists from A to Z and see each artist’s catalog with the Explore tool.

Build songbooks for offline playing:

Add any song you want to a songbook and find it in a breeze. Make compilations of songs. “Songs to play at the school’s talent show”, “Challenging solos”, name them as you wish. All songs in your songbook will be available to play without an Internet connection. Hey, not all concert halls have free wi-fi!

We are still in Beta so do not hesitate to give me any feedback :)

You can also visit our website Moderator Edit: external link removed...Please read the rules

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Apr 3, 2015
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This sounds amazing! Can you integrate a Youtube function so we can upload Videos from the app? Do our tracks and videos appear on profiles we can share with each other?
Can we send tracks to each other and build a song together?
Can we video chat/jam with each other and record?
Do we get profiles we can browse and add friends to, listing the songs we play and can we add our own words to our profiles and tags?
Can we upload lessons or practice sessions or equipment reviews and have other members comment?
Can we start groups together and browse groups and profiles based on mutual musical interests?

.........Or is it just an app that sells us tabs and 'helps' us learn thru an automated system and doesnt do any of the stuff I listed in which case *yawwwwwn* ur nothing new go away ill save my money for truly social musical community like Ultimate-guitar.com

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